3 Paradise islands

Trip on a speed boat

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Suitable for:
Such a trip is suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of age and preferences.
This is a private and individual trip for a family or a group of friends on a speedboat with a crew.
This is an individual trip on a speedboat with a crew, which will bring you a lot of pleasant emotions and leave an unforgettable impression.

You will visit three uninhabited islands in the Gulf of Siam, located to the south from Koh Samui: Koh Rap, Koh Taen, and Koh Mat Sum.
About islands:
Koh Taen, Koh Mat Sum and Koh Rap are situated very close to Koh Samui and usually there are no tourists. You can easily reach them on a boat.

The Koh Rap Island is calm, deserted and very beautiful. Here you can take beautiful photos, admire crystal-clear water, reefs, and white sand.

Koh Taen is famous for snorkeling and swimming. Giant mollusks, corals and various tropical fish live in the protected reefs of Koh Taen and nearby. While snorkeling, you should remember not to step on corals, in order not to hurt neither you nor a coral. You can also take a walk through mangrove forests on Koh Taen, ride an electric car in the wild jungle, where thousands of flying foxes live.

To the south from Koh Ten there is Koh Mat Sum, known as Pig Island. Here, cute pigs are running around on the dazzling sand. You can feed them and take selfies with them. Your children will be glad to run on the sand with lovely pigs. You can chill out on deck chairs under umbrellas, drink mojitos and eat homemade Ko Pad Krao at Mr. Kitt's cafe. And meet the sunset on the way back.
1. Private tour to 3 islands on a small single-motor speedboat (2-4 people) - 11,000 baht for 4 hours.

2. Private tour to 3 islands on a two-motor large speedboat (up to 10 people) - 15,000 baht for 4 hours.

The price includes entrance to the islands, soft drinks, insurance.

Life jackets and snorkeling equipment are provided on board.
We can also provide you with our boats with a crew for the whole day or offer you other destinations on your request. For example, a tour to Khanom to see the pink dolphins or to Ang Thong.

*This program is discussed individually on request.
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